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dNari wallet is a simple way to hold and send USDT on the Ethereum blockchain.
Although it has similarities to a bank account, dNari wallet is an Ethereum blockchain based wallet, not a regulated bank account.
USDT are tokens on the Ethereum blockchain representing US$ bank deposits. There are other types of US$ tokens on the blockchain, such as USDC and BUSD, but USDT is the most popular with over $70 billion issued and a daily traded value over $8 billion.

Yes, and it’s easy.  You can send USDT in two ways. 

The easiest way is if the receiver also has a dNari wallet.

Send an SMS text to +1 406 732 2280 with your Unique dNari ID followed by the recipient’s dNari ID and finally the amount to transfer.

For example: If your unique ID is TX3IB7, and the receiver’s unique ID is UT8SX2 and you want to send 10 USDT then send the following SMS text:

TX3IB7 UT8SX2 10

This will instruct dNari wallet to transfer 10 USDT from your wallet to the wallet with ID# UT8SX2

Second, you can also send USDT to any Ethereum wallet by clicking ‘Withdraw’ and then pasting in the blockchain address where you want to send the USDT and entering the amount of USDT to send.

This is the amount of Ethereum in your wallet.  You need to pay Ethereum when making a transaction. 

Ethereum is paid to the network to process your transactions and update all the computers on the network with your USDT balance.

The typical fee for a transaction is $3-6 of Ethereum, but it can depend on the congestion of the network. 

Make sure you always have a positive ‘Currency balance’ (Ethereum).

This is the amount of USDT in your wallet. You will notice it can be held and sent in thousandths of a $.

This is the Ethereum blockchain address for your wallet.  Anyone can send you USDT using the Ethereum blockchain and this address. 

Double check with the person sending you USDT that they know your wallet is on the Ethereum blockchain.  Other blockchains are being developed, but Ethereum is the most well-known and used.

dNari wallet is not a crypto exchange so you will need to purchase Ethereum and USDT from an exchange and send it to your wallet using your wallet address.

Or someone else can send USDT or Ethereum to your wallet address.

0000: to see the SMS command menu.

00001 (your unique ID) (recipients unique ID) (amount of USDT to send)

00002: to see your USDT balance.

Currently, dNari wallet only holds USDT and Ethereum. In the future we will add the ability to hold and send other digital assets as well.